Risk Insurance
Insurance and family protection

Protection of your income and lifestyle funding secured at a low -cost (the older you are the more expensive your insurance).

Insurance – Protecting Your Wealth

If you aren’t protecting your wealth, everything you’ve worked hard to create could disappear in an instant. If you were unable to earn an income due to poor health, disablement or death, how would your family meet its financial commitments?

While you don’t have control over life events, you can take control of the financial risks. With the right insurance cover, you and your family have peace of mind that if life takes a turn for the worst, your family doesn’t need to worry about the finances.

Types of Insurance Cover
There are numerous types and levels of cover that can be packaged to suit every individual’s requirements. AVS Wealth Managers are specializes in packaging these tailor-made protection plans for you and your situation.Your plan may include the following insurance types:

  • Income protection insurance
  • Trauma insurance
  • Total and permanent disability insurance
  • Life insurance; and
  • Business expenses insurance
Why use a financial planner for your insurance?

Your financial planner knows your financial strategy, your goals, family situation, the type of work you do, and the risks associated with your professional and personal life. This knowledge combined with years of experience in organizing insurance means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the right level of cover for the right price.

And as opposed to policies you may buy over the phone or internet; a properly underwritten policy won’t result in any nasty surprises at claim time.

Our insurance service isn’t a set and forget; our team will review your cover annually to make sure your policy is still suitable and recommend better policies over time.